The Centerville Road congregation began as the Broadway church of Christ on October 26, 1958, as a new work of the congregation meeting at Eighth and Austin Streets in Garland. A commercial building located on Belt Line Road at Rose Hill was rented and used as a meeting place for eight months. Twenty-six members of the Eighth and Austin Street church formed the nucleus of the new congregation. Other families living in the general area from the Saturn Road congregation in Garland and of the Mesquite congregation joined them in the work. By the end of the first week the new Broadway church was composed of 24 families with 54 members.

William C. Hatcher who had formerly preached for the church at Eighth and Austin for almost four years was chosen for full-time work as the preacher of the new congregation. The growth that followed was most rewarding. Although the Eighth and Austin congregation was prepared to support the new work as long as necessary, it was fully self supporting by the second week. Within eight months the membership had almost doubled and was able, without outside help, to construct a building valued at $50,000, on two acres of land at 2915 Broadway given by the Eighth and Austin church. Soon after moving into the new building, it became necessary to build new classrooms and after this a new auditorium. Growth continued, and in September of 1966, the Broadway congregation began a new work on Castle Drive. In October, 1976, another new work was begun in Rowlett, Texas.

With the city’s announcement that Dairy Road would be extended, cutting our parking lot and taking most of it, it was necessary that the church plan to relocate. Land was purchased, the Broadway building was sold, and the church began meeting temporarily at Dallas Christian High School in Mesquite. The last meeting in the Broadway building was on Sunday, September 13, 1998, and our first meeting at Dallas Christian Schools was Wednesday, September 16.

For a space of two years while the new building was under construction at 1102 East Centerville Road, we worshipped at Dallas Christian High School. Gratefully this change to a temporary meeting place was not detrimental to our work, numerical growth, or contribution. The opposite occurred; rather than decreasing in these areas, we increased. Several souls were added by baptism, and several Christians in the area identified with us. We have every reason to believe that this enthusiasm will continue now that we are meeting in our new facilities.

The first meeting in the new facilities on East Centerville Road was December 17, 2000.  Dedicatory services were scheduled January 21, 2001.  All speakers chosen for the occasion  were men that were presently involved in the work of the congregation:  Ken Hope, the local preacher, Ron Coleman and Roy Lanier, Jr., mission evangelists, and Jesse Beeson, educational director.

  • Preachers who have served the church are:
    • William C. Hatcher
    • Lynwood Bishop
    • Ed Wharton
    • Tolbert Vaughn
    • Roger Johnson
    • Johnny Ramsey
    • Dan Billingsley
    • Charles Cosgrove
    • Ken Hope
  • Men who have served as elders are:
    • William Hardy Hatcher
    • William J. Foster
    • Carl Cruit
    • Foy Boone
    • Graham Cain
    • Charles Willingham
    • W. C. Hatfield
    • Bill Sisk
    • D. G. Dabbs
    • Oren Willis
    • Thomas Savage
    • Ken Spear
    • Ken Hope
    • Dennis Hilton
    • Alan Dodson
    • Doug Guinn
    • Glenn Mayberry, Jr.
  • Elders presently serving are:
    • Forrest Bomar
    • Duane Kimble
    • Mickey Sandlin
  • Ken Hope has served as the local preacher since 1983.
  • Tyler Bush has served as Associate Minister since February 2016.
  • Jesse Beeson served as Director of Education from 1987 until 2013.
  • Ronald Coleman, serves as missionary evangelists, working with congregations throughout the United States and other parts of the world.